This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Fast for 1, 4 and 12 Weeks

this is what happens to your body when

you fast for 1

4 and 12 weeks intermittent fasting is

like an eating guideline where you

switch between periods of eating and


it isn’t about which foods to eat but

everything about when you should eat


for one week you can just follow the

water fasting method

since the period is much shorter but

more than that say four to twelve weeks

it’s highly recommended to eat a healthy

balanced diet especially

during intermittent fasting you

shouldn’t count calories

in fact you eat as normal during your

eating period then drink plenty of water

tea and coffee without sugar or milk

during your fasting

window there are lots of benefits of

fasting such as fat loss

better health and many more which will

be discussed more next

stay tuned alright then

one week fasting results following the

lean gains approach

you will be fasting for 14 hours then

feasting for 10 every day

it’s very flexible and doesn’t have any

food restrictions

your calorie intake also depends on your

goal for the diet like muscle gain

weight loss or body composition thus you

can eat whatever you want

during this fasting period by mid-week

you will find your eating habits have

become a routine

in fact you’ll barely think of food and

by the end of the week you will be


healthier than before you can lose as

much as two pounds particularly fats

from your midsection

but since it’s only a week of fasting

don’t be surprised if there are no

other physical effects aside from losing

a bit of fat

there were no cognitive benefits of

fasting either

4-week fasting results for this fasting

period you will be having a 16-hour fast

example from 5 pm to 9 pm then some

18-hour fasts mixed in

example from 5 p.m to 11 p.m

during your eating windows eat whatever

feels good eat when hungry and stop when

you’re full

as a result you will lose a lot of

inflammation which in turn improves your

mental clarity

overall you will feel more energetic and

feel better physically overall

and more importantly you can lose a

whopping 12 pounds by the end of your

4-week fasting

although losing more than a pound a week

is definitely not a healthy weight loss


some people’s weight is mostly from

excessive bloat and water weight

12-week fasting results you can start

with fasting for 16 hours

then fasting for eat this is the most

doable for many

again during the fasting period limit

yourself to liquids only

no sugar and milk added then for the

next eight hours

you’re free to eat whatever you want

calories are damned

once your body adjusts to the fasting

you can play around with longer fasts

and extended fasts

in 12 weeks you will feel and look


for starters you will lose at least 15

pounds of body weight

and gain a substantial muscle mass

moreover you will sleep soundly and wake

up completely energized

you will have so much energy too

specifically when fasting

so you can accomplish a lot of things in

just a short period of time

intermittent fasting is amazing isn’t it

plus you can still eat your favorite


whether it be 1 week 4 week or 12 weeks

you will reap the benefits of your

fasting efforts

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