If You’re Looking to Pack on Muscle, This is Essential

if you’re looking to pack on muscle

this is essential more strength means

more muscle

likewise the heavier the weights you

lift the stronger your body becomes and

the bigger your muscles become

this is why building muscle is a common

goal for almost everyone who lifts


well the thing is regardless of who you

are or what your goals are

muscles don’t come easily for instance a

beginner lifter who has a lot of room to


can aim for two pounds per month while a

seasoned lifter will gain

even less during a bulking stage but

don’t worry the good news is that it

doesn’t have to be complex

just because it isn’t easy building

muscles comes down to three factors

diet exercise and recovery we will be

touching more on those next

so keep watching for the remaining time

we will walk you through four essential

tips to pack more muscles


number one lift more weights to lift


you can choose one of the two ways first

off is to

increase the number of reps to perform

and secondly is to increase the amount

of weight to

lift but if you want better and faster


adding pounds to your lifts and

performing more reps is the key

if you choose option one consider using

drop sets for your normal work set

then drop the weight for another set

until failure

increase gradually only and never overdo


to add more pounds put more plates onto

the bar or use heavier dumbbells

number two eat more protein as cliche as

it sounds

but abs are made in the kitchen in fact

so are your triceps biceps pectorals

you get the idea you can lift all you

want but if you aren’t eating right then

you’re curving your gains for those who

lift heavy a few times per week

aim for at least 0.8 pounds of protein

per pound

of your body weight to facilitate the

growth of muscles

number three give your body enough

recovery time

technically speaking muscle building

takes place when you’re sleeping

lifting heavy weights causes tears in

the muscle fibers

when the body is asleep it utilizes much

lesser energy

so more of the nutrients you’ve consumed

is used to repair the damage in your

muscle fibers

simply put scrimping on sleep is the

same as robbing your body of its most

crucial time for building muscles

for active people aim for 8 to 10 hours

of shot eye every day

number four be consistent it’s

impossible to develop muscles overnight

that said you can do some ways to

accelerate the process

although it’s normal for everyone to

miss a workout here and there

it’s essential to also display


show up and put in work even when you

aren’t in the mood or you’re tired

it isn’t an ideal condition but it’s

much better to exercise when you’re at


or even less than 50 percent then to

entirely skip a workout


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