5 Different Types of Pushups to be Doing (Home Workout)

five different types of push-ups to be


home workout push-ups are one of the

best general conditioning exercises for


it can be done anywhere since it doesn’t

need any equipment

push-ups target the shoulders triceps

and chest while also working your core

legs and back

for a seemingly simple exercise a

push-up does pack a serious punch

doing the same variation of push-up

every day can eventually feel too


this video is here to shake things up a


thankfully with push-ups there are tons

of variations you can try

like the diamond push-up which we will

be talking about more in detail next

so keep watching number one traditional


also known as a standard push-up this

exercise works to target your shoulder

chest biceps triceps back glutes

core and quads to start assume a high

plank position with your hands flat on

the floor and around shoulder width


keep your body in a single long line

then bend your arms and lower yourself

as close to the ground as you can

keep your elbows at a 45 degree angle to

your torso

then push back to your initial position

number two diamond push-up this type of

push-up will mostly target your triceps

begin in a high plank position exactly

as that of a standard push-up

next walk your hands in under your chest

doing so will result in your thumbs and

forefingers close together

forming a diamond keep your body in a

single long line and your elbows close

to your sides

then bend your arms and lower your body

as close to the ground as you can

go back to your initial position

number three wide grip push-up if you

wish to engage your front shoulders and

chest with push-ups

try the wide grip variation it’s

basically the same as a standard push-up

but only with your hands positioned

slightly further apart

this will allow your elbow to bend more

when lowering yourself to the ground

so again just follow the same steps as

the traditional push-up

but with your hands positioned wider

than normal that’s it

number four incline push-up this push-up

variation incorporates a certain angle

so you’re higher than the ground

resultantly it’s easier for you to

perform the movement

to begin get a chair or bench and put it

in front of your body

grip the chair with both hands and walk

your feet back until you’re at a 45

degree angle to the chair

maintain a single long line of your body

then bend your arms and lower your body

as close to the chair or bench as you


finally push up back to start

number five spider-man push-up a


push-up primarily targets your obliques

by adding hip flexor and oblique


to start assume a high plank position

your hands should be flat on the floor

and around shoulder-width apart with

your wrists under shoulders

keep your body in one long line bend

your arms and lower as far as you can

when lowering your body bend one leg out

to the side and put your knee toward the

same side arm

then push back up to the start and

straighten your leg back out

repeat alternating sides there are so

many other push-up variations

that you can easily perform at home if

you know some not included in this video

please feel free to comment on them

if you like the video give it a thumbs

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for more interesting facts on the human

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