Absolutely, Almonds Can Be Excellent For Weight Loss!

Absolutely, Almonds Can Be Excellent For Weight Loss!

I know what you’re thinking! Almonds for weight loss? Well, here’s how it works; almonds are a powerful way to help with weight loss, if you eat them, or use them in the correct ways. There are amazing health benefits in eating just a small amount of almonds, so obviously, you don’t need to eat many of them everyday!

Eating almonds using our calorie express diet will speed up your weight loss, and will allow you to enjoy a wide variety of foods at the same time. You simply need to eat almonds the correct way by cutting down the portion size, eat in moderation, and substituting for “junk foods”. Now, a handful of almonds may have approximately the same amount of calories as a small bag of chips, but almonds contain outstanding nutritional benefits, and the chips, well, they do not, they are just empty calories!

Almonds can reduce the risk of a heart attack. Eating almonds five times a week can reduce the risk by 50%. That is certainly good news…Almonds are a good source of fiber which can help lower cholesterol, and lower blood sugar levels. Fiber can help you feel full faster, and longer, which in turn can help with weight loss. The fiber in almonds can also help prevent colon cancer, along with the calcium in almonds. The calcium can also lower the risk of rectal cancer. There is also a high content of protein, which is needed for healthy muscles, blood, bones and to help build and repair body tissues.

This wonderful nut can be purchased year round in your grocery stores. If you prefer almonds with the roasted flavor, choose the “dry roasted”. This type isn’t cooked in oil as the regular roasted are. Therefore, a lot less calories. You can also buy almonds raw, smoked, chocolate covered and candy coated! To maintain freshness, keep your almonds in the refrigerator. They will keep for several months this way, or you can also freeze them! Now you can keep them for about a year.

Let me mention a few things about almond flour. First of all, you are getting ground up almonds – with all of the nutritional benefits, versus using white flour that has no nutritional benefits. Plus, you get the wonderful flavor from the almonds, along with high protein, low carbs and low sugar. You can use this type of flour for all of your baking, and also for coating your low fat poultry or seafood.

Now, lets get started on more ways to enjoy eating fantastic almonds. Of course there is the most common way of just popping some in your mouth and having as a snack. But come on, lets use our imagination and enjoy them in some other fun ways!

Tossing almonds into a salad definitely gives a boost of protein and flavor. Slithered almonds can be lightly sauteed or even grilled for some extra flavor. Try adding a slight amount of spicy pepper and even some other vegetables for more color and variety.

I bet you haven’t tried this one…Finely chop an ounce of almonds, and mix into some plain low fat yogurt for a tasty dip or spread. Oh yes, spread some of this on top of grilled chicken, and your taste buds will be dancing for joy!

Almond milk; here we go, I absolutely love it! A rich, creamy great flavor of almonds made from ground almonds! This type of milk contains no cholesterol or lactose. Many people do not, or can not drink animal derived milk. Almond milk is a fantastic alternative that you can use with your cereal, oatmeal, cooking, or just drinking it straight! You can purchase plain, vanilla or even chocolate flavor. Now I don’t know about you, but I no longer have a problem getting my kids to drink milk! They love it too!

Ok, so lets make a smoothie. That’s right, an almond smoothie! Go ahead, give everyone something to talk about! Just add ice, almond milk, almonds and a small amount of low fat frozen yogurt and blend. It’s that easy and it will give you a boost of energy, vitamins, minerals, and amazing flavor! Another suggestion is almond butter. Wow – this is a great way to eat a slice of whole wheat toast. If you like dipping apple slices or celery into peanut butter – try almond butter as a healthy alternative.

So there you go. Instead of snacking on high calorie junk food, have fun preparing some new ways of eating almonds that can help you enjoy loosing weight, and help keep you healthy at the same time! Have Fun!

The Power Blast!

Calories: one ounce 161 calories
Protein: 6 g
Fiber: 3 g
Sugars: 1 g
Vitamin C: 0
Calcium: 73.9 g
Potassium: 197 mg
Sodium: 0
Saturated Fat: 1 g