5 Essential Diet tips to QUICKLY Bulk Up

five essential diet tips to quickly bulk


two of the top bodybuilding concepts

most people know are gaining muscles and

losing fat

another one is bulking up bulking up is

an essential phase that every

bodybuilder goes through when they want

to pack huge muscles

but specifically to skinny guys bulking

up is a quick way to grow bigger

diet and workout are two important

factors in the bulking process in this

video we will be focusing on the first


diet there are essential diet tips you

must consider if your goal is to quickly

bulk up

this could include increasing your

protein consumption which we will be

talking more about in a few seconds

so don’t leave just yet number one eat


to gain more muscles then naturally you

need to boost your calorie intake

this means you must eat more if your

body isn’t consuming more calories than

it is burning throughout the day

there’d be no muscle gain your diet

should be composed of nutritious

unprocessed foods that are chock full of

protein carbs

healthy unsaturated fats and other

nutrients important for muscle growth

number two increase your protein intake

protein is a crucial nutrient as it

provides your body with amino acids

which are integral for building and

repairing muscles

in this muscle building journey protein

will be your new body

make sure to eat good quality protein

with every meal and snack

opt for healthy lean protein foods like

eggs lean meat

legumes fish chicken and low-fat dairy

for snacks go for nuts and seeds muesli

yogurt and protein bars

number three incorporate some carbs into

all your meals

most people are focused too much on

powering up their protein

intake that they skimp on the carbs as

you train with more intensity

and heavier weights the more energy you

will need

carbohydrates give you the energy you

need to fuel the muscles and stimulate

muscle growth

plus the more energized you are the more

number of reps and heavier weights you

can perform hence boosting your workout


go for complex carbs like grainy bread

whole grains

brown rice whole oats and root


number four don’t neglect your micros

although there’s little research only

about the effects of vitamins and

minerals on muscle growth

it’s no brainer that micronutrients are

essential for overall health and


without these micronutrients you won’t

be able to perform enough and

effectively on your workouts

oxidative stress caused by training can

also inhibit muscle growth

thus it’s crucial to load up on

antioxidant rich foods

add your plate with some nutrient rich

fruits and veggies but focus more on

macronutrients for your pre or post

workout shake

number five drink a protein shake before

or after a workout

so many kinds of protein powders are

available on the market

you can opt for a whey-based protein

powder for starters

if you aren’t a fan of them because they

take a while to digest

you can choose a brown rice based

protein powder instead

since it’s rich with protein without

upsetting your stomach

just make sure not to go overboard with

protein shakes as you may put on fat

do you have other diet tips in mind that

helped you or other people you know

bulked up

mind comparing notes just drop your

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