I Ate 2 Bananas a day for 30 Days and Here’s What Happened

i ate 2 bananas a day for 30 days and

here’s what happened

bananas don’t get much credit despite

being one of the most popular foods in

the world

somehow they just became underrated

without people knowing their amazing

health benefits

today’s the day to change your mind

about this wonderful fruit

if you eat two bananas a day your body

gets a whopping dose of antioxidants

and a special protein that helps fight

against cancerous cells

aside from those two huge health perks

there are tons of other benefits you can

get from having two bananas every day

for a month

to know more about these positive

effects continue watching

number one fights depression depressed

people normally have low serotonin


bananas carry a unique ingredient called


when this enters the body it converts

into serotonin

as a result it helps alleviate symptoms

of depression by improving your mood and

relaxing your body and mind

number two increases energy levels

two bananas a day is enough to give your

body natural sugars

glucose sucrose and fructose on top of


it contains a good dose of fiber

minerals and vitamins

thus providing you an instant and

long-term boost of energy

number three enhances memory not many

people are aware of the memory boosting

effects of bananas

this is thanks to the high levels of

magnesium potassium and tryptophan


all those ingredients help improve and

sustain your memory

number four treats constipation it may

not be the most pleasant topic

but it has to be discussed anyway

bananas are rich in fiber

and fiber as you may already know helps

in regulating bowel movements

moreover it’s easily digested which

makes it great for those with gastritis

eating bananas also helps restore the

lost minerals when you have diarrhea


number five treats stomach ulcers

bananas have a soft texture so they

won’t cause pain and instead coat the

stomach’s lining in case of stomach


aside from this this fruit also contains


a compound that prevents and heals


number six alleviates heartburn bananas

are classified as low acid fruits

as such they’re good at relieving

heartburn or acid reflux

and all the associated unpleasant


because of their very low acid content

bananas coat an irritated esophageal


hence strengthening mucosal defenses

against reflux

number seven aids in weight loss if your

waistband feels tight start eating two

bananas a day

it carries a kind of starch that curbs

your appetite and prevents you from

gaining weight

furthermore its high potassium content

balances salt in the body

and acts as a diuretic number 8 eases


eating bananas regulate blood sugar

levels which is very helpful when you’re


moreover they’re rich in vitamin b thus

soothing the nervous system and relaxing

the body

number nine keeps your heart healthy

given the chock full of nutrients and

vitamins found on bananas

it’s no secret that it’s great for your

heart additionally

vitamin b6 and c and fiber help lessen

the risk of cardiovascular disease

so are you convinced now are you ready

to incorporate two bananas

in your daily diet comment your thoughts


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