What Happens To Your Body When You Lose 100 Pounds

what happens to your body when you lose

100 pounds

lots of things in life like getting

married or working on your dream job are

huge deals

however there are only a couple of

things that are as transformative and

game-changing as losing weight

specifically when it’s a substantial

amount say 100 pounds

the reason for this is for many people

their body weight heavily reflects how

they feel about themselves and how

others see

them our body image dictates our


our interaction with others and our

feelings about our day-to-day lives

but like many people said losing weight

is extremely difficult

more so when you want to lose 100 pounds

people who have done it however have

transformed their lives

surprising changes like healthier skin

and more energy are just two examples of

how losing 100 pounds

affected their bodies to know more about

these just keep on watching

number one your energy level skyrocket

after dropping that many pounds you will

notice that you seem to have more energy

than ever before

no it isn’t just because you’re now

eating more nutritious foods

it’s also partly because you’re now

carrying less weight

meaning your body expels less energy to

keep you alive

furthermore slimming down has been found

to enhance oxygen efficiency

so odds are you won’t be as out of

breath when going up the stairs as


number two you sweat less overweight

people feel hot and heavy all the time

it’s like they’re wearing a weighted

vest and are stuck in a hot room without


as such obese people tend to sweat more

than slimmer people

once you’ve shed off so many fats you

will see that you no longer get

super and easily sweaty not to mention

you won’t have to deal with sweat stains


number three your hair and skin are


according to people who lost many pounds

their complexion cleared up

and their hair started looking healthier

after their weight loss journey

considering that many healthy foods are

packed with beautifying and clarifying


it’s no wonder how weight loss is partly

responsible for your improved appearance

so not only are you losing weight but

you’re also looking youthful with

healthy skin and hair

number four your tolerance decline how

alcohol affects you depends on many

factors like gender

food amount and strength of the drink

and weight

according to people who went through a

weight loss journey their alcohol

tolerance plummeted after losing weight

but come to think of it this means fewer

calories not to mention

fewer dollars spent number five

you’re left to deal with extra skin well

it’s not all rainbows and sunshine with

weight loss specifically one that


shedding off a huge amount of weight

chances are

you will be left with excess loose skin

as a remembrance

depending on how much extra skin you

have you can opt to hide it with a

girdle or some sort of special underwear

you can also consider having them

surgically removed

are you feeling motivated now to start

losing weight

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